It’s That Time Again!

IF you’ve been with me for a few years, you know
that every year around this time I encourage you
to participate in the annual Tapping World Summit.
It’s time to sign up for the 9th annual summit!

Here’s the link to the first yummy video with Nick

If you’ve missed the previous summits, or don’t
know what this is about, here’s why I promote this

EFT Tapping is a quick process that works for me
to heal my own acute illnesses and pain, that I
share with most of my patients for handling their
stress, pain, and illness.

But of course it only works if you are willing to
try it, and if you know how!

The easiest way I know of is to expose yourself to
loads of different EFT/Tapping teachers who walk
and talk you through using the technique, starting
with Nick, teaching you how to shift that #1 thing
we all have in common, that drives all of our
health issues.

And, because you’re my subscriber, I want to talk
with you about your experience. Does tapping work
for you? Do you feel resistance to doing it? Have
you used it and not gotten any results? Are you
wondering what it has to do with The Science of
Being Well? Let’s talk! Post your comment here.

(Please note that in order to control spam, I have
the system set to manually approve the first post
from each person. Once you’ve been approved, your
future posts will appear right away.)

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