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Food Freedom

Published on May 29, 2015 By Dr. Gayek

Probably the number one issue among all those my patients have when they first come to see me is something involving food: allergies with physical and/or mental symptoms, reflux, digestion and absorption problems, elimination problems, weight problems, autoimmune disease secondary to food reactions. It seems that in the USA we have a national obsession, not […]

Those Neanderthal Ideas

Published on April 17, 2014 By Dr. Gayek

Here’s the crux of an email exchange I had with a reader the other day, that raises some common questions: Vincent: “I was reading about what, when, and how to eat and learned to eat naturally. If you want to take multivitamins, what does Wattles say about that?” Me: Mr. Wattles doesn’t address this question, […]