Registration Link for Tapping World Summit

The the first day of the 10 day 2017 Tapping World
Summit has begun! This free event has helped tens
of thousands of people find peace with grief,
anger, frustration, overwhelm, pain, guilt,
betrayal, illness, discouragement, financial
stress, loneliness, longing for change.

Are you getting the daily reminders of each day’s

Have you watched the bonus videos?

If you’re missing out on the summit because you
registered but didn’t get the emails with links to
the sessions–or you’re not sure you registered,
click here:

-> TWS Registration Link

If you’re missing out because you haven’t yet
registered, it’s not too late! You have until 8pm
Eastern (US) time to hear and tap along with both
of the Day One sessions.

Each day for the next 10 days, there are new
audios that are available for 24 hours. There’s an
option to get all the audios, transcripts,
workbook, and lots of bonuses, so you can go
deeper and take your time with all the material.

You’ll find all the information for this on the
registration page. Here’s where to register to
join in the summit:

-> TWS Registration Link

I hope you’ll join in just to see what surprises
you can get by listening and tapping along.

With love and appreciation,
Dr. Alexandra Gayek

P.S. One tip I learned from previous Tapping World
Summits: I often wound up getting the most benefit
from sessions whose title sounded like something
that didn’t interest me or didn’t seem relevant to
me. Because of that, I decided to just tune in for
every session, regardless of the topic or title.
I’d recommend this approach!

If two sessions a day is too much for the time you
have this week, you can always get the recordings
and listen on your own schedule.

Here’s the registration link again:

-> TWS Registration Link

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