Is Being Health Conscious Healthy?

Lots of people proudly say they are very health conscious. They eat organic foods, take their vitamins, drink their green drinks, exercise regularly, avoid sugar and foods to which they are allergic… So why are so many of them sick?

I’m actually a big fan of doing all these things, plus laughing, meditating, spending time in nature, hanging out with people you enjoy.

But it’s not just about checking things off the list, and it’s not just WHAT you do that matters. It’s WHY you do it, and HOW, because your attitude and enjoyment, as Mr. Wattles says in The Science of Being Well, are at least as important as what you’re doing.

Consider how it would feel to be very fearful about the toxic environment in which you live, and how little control you have over your exposure, anxiously reading labels and choosing your food and drinks because the world feels so unsafe. Add anger over those who make money off of that toxicity, or your government’s role in having or enforcing rules to keep you safe.

Consider how it would feel to live a certain way in order to impress others, to prove something, to win favor, or to get to some goal–even the goal of health.

In all these cases, there’s a lot of stress involved, wouldn’t you say?

Now consider how it would feel to choose life, love, happiness, peace, and fun, and let yourself choose what to eat and drink, and how to move your body, where and with whom to hang out, because they feel good to you–and you feel good about yourself–before, during, and after the doing of them.

How would you live if instead of “health conscious,” you were “joy conscious,” or “love conscious?” What words would you choose for the ideal consciousness in which to live?

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