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Slow Suicide: When Eating Is a Call for Help

Published on March 30, 2017 By Dr. Gayek

Her kitchen garbage was composed mostly of empty ice cream cartons and chip bags. For someone who lived alone, worked and ate at home, this was telling. Rather than scolding my friend for setting herself up for a heart attack, or shaming her for letting her blood sugar get out of control, I said, “looks […]

Healing Your Pain

Published on April 21, 2015 By Dr. Gayek

I’ve said for years that any of us can withstand almost unlimited pain in the present moment–if it’s limited to this second. The problem comes when we can point to a cause we don’t control–especially if it brings anger, shame, or fear–, we don’t believe we have the power to make it stop, and we […]

You Can Undo the Conditioning That’s Causing Your Pain

Published on September 27, 2011 By Dr. Gayek

Could it really be true that any chronic pain you have isn’t the result of damage, but instead is the result of conditioning–even if it *looks* like damage according to medical imaging and tests? Could it be that the conditioning *preceded* the “damage?” Could it be that if you can break the conditioning, the “damage” […]

If You’re In Pain, Do This

Published on August 23, 2011 By Dr. Gayek

A couple of weeks ago when I was out for a walk, my friend Ruthie drove by, screeched to a halt, and leapt out with, “I have to talk to you!” Ruthie had chronic back pain since she was thrown from a horse years ago. She’d tried innumerable things, but found her life quite limited […]