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Why It Matters How You See It

May 20, 2016

If you think of your body as solid, with physical matter that is aging, degenerating, or diseased or poisoned, or vulnerable to disease or damage by toxic substances, for most people the image of protecting, healing or reversing an established condition is a strenuous uphill battle. You can’t stop fighting, or let down your guard […]

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Mind Control?

May 14, 2016

“Mr. Wattles said–if my memory serves me correctly–that we were not to control a person’s mind to get anything. What are your thoughts on that when it comes to hypnosis?” — Frank Kirk This question was emailed to me by a new subscriber to the Science of Being Well Network, so we’ll discuss it here–as […]

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Your Life in the Present Moment

May 8, 2016

Life happens on the sweet, ever unfolding edge between known and unknown, between manifest and unmanifest. The instant your eyes encounter what you are seeing, each letter emerging as you write, is now. The instant you hear each note of a song, each tick of a clock, is now. The instant each breath begins, the […]

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