Your Life in the Present Moment

Life happens on the sweet, ever unfolding edge between
known and unknown, between manifest and unmanifest. The
instant your eyes encounter what you are seeing, each
letter emerging as you write, is now. The instant you
hear each note of a song, each tick of a clock, is now.
The instant each breath begins, the pause between each
heartbeat, is now.

Is your awareness there for the wondrous event of now
in your life?

Maybe the reason so many people spend their time
playing video games is the excitement of the rapidly
changing now, right there on the screen, and the
experience of doing something now that changes the next
now in such a visible way.

There’s a feeling of power and satisfaction in seeing
such immediate results of your actions…and a feeling
of discouragement and despair when your actions don’t
seem to get you what you wanted.

I’ve lived much of my life dreaming of the future. I’ve
prided myself on my expertise at delayed gratification,
loving the feeling of delicious anticipation.

The unfortunate behavior associated with this has kept
me locked indoors, doing things I didn’t really want to
do so that at some later time I could reap the rewards.

You may know the routine: get your work done before you
can go out and play.

For the part of me who loves puttering outdoors, this
was hell. A huge amount of anger and resentment built
up, that the promise of “someday” and “later” so rarely
reached “now.”

For the part of me that thrived on working hard for
that elusive future, and is now past her 60th year,
waves of depression came with thoughts like “It’s too
late. I’m too old. I don’t have the energy any more to
do all those things I thought I’d do someday. I’ve
missed my chance. Everyone has gone on ahead of me,
leaving me behind.”

I have a feeling I’m not the only one who has ever
believed those thoughts.

Since becoming aware of the law of attraction and the
notion that my thoughts create my reality so many years
ago, I’ve been trying to get good at changing my
thoughts and beliefs. Or changing the focus of my
attention from negative to positive thoughts and
beliefs. Or crowding out the negative thoughts with the
ones I preferred. Trying to get happy–or at least,
trying to distract myself from my unhappiness long
enough for something to change.

These years have not been without an abundance of
moments of beauty and presence. But those have seemed
fleeting compared with the amount of time I’ve spent
dwelling on problems, trying to control things and
other people and trying to change myself.

My mind, it seems, usually finds it more compelling to
replay an unpleasant encounter with my neighbor than to
replay the delightful moment of discovering the
hummingbird nest in the tall grass, my feeling of
tenderness for the gentle, purple flowers, my fondness
for the softly buzzing honeybees, or the
caught-my-breath beauty of the sunset coloring the sky
and all the trees orange.

(Having just written all that, I’m smiling, and joy

Last night I watched a video in which Eckhart Tolle was
talking about experiencing the present moment.

It’s not about getting joy to win.

It’s not about fighting against negativity or

It’s not about trying.

I was, and continue to be amazed at the ease with which
I’ve been able to follow his very simple instruction of
how to be present.

I wish you the peace I’m feeling.

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With love and appreciation on this 12th anniversary of
the beginning of the Science of Being Well Network,

Dr. Alexandra Gayek

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