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She Missed the Biggest Thing

Published on February 18, 2016 By Dr. Gayek

I’ve been thinking about the video with Dr. Lissa Rankin I recommended last week as the best video I’d ever seen about the impact of the mind on healing. (If you haven’t watched it yet, I still highly recommend it!) -> http://bit.ly/LissaRankin One of the points Dr. Rankin made that really got my attention while […]

Best Video I’ve Ever Seen on HOW Your Mind Can Heal You (or make you sick)

Published on February 10, 2016 By Dr. Gayek

Watch this video! Dr. Rankin Video on Mind Over Medicine Really, it’s the best video I’ve ever seen describing in detail that you can understand, what exactly you, personally, are doing that in any given moment is contributing to your aging, illness, and failure to heal from past injury, or to your vibrant wellness. If […]

How My Knees Healed

Published on September 3, 2014 By Dr. Gayek

In my age group–I’m 59–it’s pretty common for people to have arthritic knees, and to be told by their doctors that it’s “bone on bone”–meaning the cartilage is gone, and it’s time for a knee replacement. I’ve always thought of myself as younger than my chronological age, so it was quite upsetting to find, after […]


Published on August 12, 2011 By Dr. Gayek

The free audio you’ll find at the link below is absolutely BRILLIANT, and worth every moment you’ll spend with it. It’s also interactive. You, like I did, may well find it the most USEFUL session you’ve had in a long time. Go here: -> http://www.scienceofbeingwell.net/criticalvoice Here’s to transforming that critical voice into something more supportive!