3 Free Tapping Meditations

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious,
or angry, here’s some quick relief–at no charge.

The only catch is, the videos are only available
for a couple more days.

You can feel surprisingly better in just a few
minutes with very little effort, just by following
along with any or all of these short tapping
meditations. They combine EFT Tapping and
meditation. You can see for yourself how powerful
they are!

The first meditation is to help you release stress
and overwhelm. Scroll down the page at the link
below, and you’ll also find two more meditations
to help address anxiety and anger.

Click here for 3 Free Tapping Meditations

Pick the one that is most helpful now, listen in,
tap along, and notice how quickly you can feel
better! Plus, you can download all the videos to
use whenever you need them.

Click here for 3 Free Tapping Meditations

With love and appreciation,
Dr. Alexandra Gayek

P.S. This year’s Tapping World Summit, which is
the 9th annual event and starts on February 27th,
takes you through 10 days of free, 100% content
presentations (2 per day) where you get to learn
from leading Tapping experts on a variety of
topics. Over 2 million people have attended this
event over the past 8 years–including yours
truly! I thoroughly recommend it!

Click here for 3 Free Tapping Meditations

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