Shocked? Dismayed? Terrified? Read This!

Shocked? Dismayed? Terrified?

That was me, lying awake in the middle of the night,
where I do my least useful thinking. Finally, I got up
at 5:30am, cleaned the whole bathroom (my way of
feeling in control of something) and found a way to
feel better about the world. I wanted to share it with
you, in case you’re struggling.

To my friends who feel shocked, grief-stricken,
terrified by what happened in the US elections on
Tuesday–and since–and find themselves asking in
disbelief how this could have happened… or have now
spent hours reading blogs and watching videos and TV
pundits with all their explanations, here’s my
explanation and suggestion for how to recover and

To me, the answer to “how could this have happened?” is
pretty simple. Whoever gets the most attention wins.
Negative attention or positive attention, it’s the
same. It’s a perfect illustration of the law of
attraction. Replay the last 18 months, and it’s pretty
obvious who got the most attention.

Sure, there are lots of other ways to look at it. Most
of them will lead you to want to blame, attack and
punish or to feel paralyzed with despair and
powerlessness. You could have it all figured out and
feel smart and right. You could exhaust yourself with
anger, sadness, or fear, and never actually do anything
that would change the things you care about. In the
process, you’d miss the whole point of being
unconditionally joyfully alive.

What’s the alternative?

Try this, even if just as an experiment to see what

1. Embrace this political situation as perfect. It’s a
perfect example of the immutable laws of the universe.
Given all the factors and dynamics, what happened was
the only possible outcome.

2. Turn off the news. Listen to music or something
inspiring instead.

3. Decide to apply your own actions in the same
unwavering way–to put the maximum attention of as many
people as possible on the outcome YOU want, constantly
practicing the wonderful way you’ll feel when you know
the outcome is inevitable. Remembering that the law of
attraction will bring more of what you’re practicing,
you won’t be directing your–or anyone’s–attention to
what you don’t want, right?

So, you won’t be practicing anger, fear, sadness,
frustration, blame, overwhelm, resentment, violence, or
powerlessness, or putting your attention on the things
that trigger these emotions–unless your goal is a
world filled with those things.

Instead, you’ll be practicing joy, love, empowerment,
delight as you put your unwavering attention on a
solution about which you feel passionate. You’ll be
selling the solution by infecting others with the
positive feelings they too will feel in joining your

Let’s say for example that the thing you care about is
the health of the food supply, and the thing that
really gets you going is GMO (genetically modified
organisms.) Having fun with creativity, maybe you
decide the solution is to be the new “Johnny
Appleseed,” distributing heritage seeds or little
plants to every school in your country and teaching
every child how to harvest those seeds and pass them
on. If this were your goal, wouldn’t it be fun to start
where you are and see your project grow and grow,
spreading empowerment, joy, and aliveness along with
great food and a sustainable supply of seeds?

There’s someone who’s excited about solutions to every
problem you care about. There are people who will want
to join you, and then will want to protect what you all
care about. If you can’t think of any solutions of your
own, your project could be to find, join, and shine the
spotlight on others who are passionately spreading
solutions to your favorite issue.

Being an activist who brings great change can be fun.
Go for it!

Of course, we’d all love to be inspired by learning
about your creative ideas, so please post them here!
Maybe someone will join you in spreading yours!

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