Your Life in the Present Moment

Life happens on the sweet, ever unfolding edge between
known and unknown, between manifest and unmanifest. The
instant your eyes encounter what you are seeing, each
letter emerging as you write, is now. The instant you
hear each note of a song, each tick of a clock, is now.
The instant each breath begins, the pause between each
heartbeat, is now.

Is your awareness there for the wondrous event of now
in your life?

Maybe the reason so many people spend their time
playing video games is the excitement of the rapidly
changing now, right there on the screen, and the
experience of doing something now that changes the next
now in such a visible way.

There’s a feeling of power and satisfaction in seeing
such immediate results of your actions…and a feeling
of discouragement and despair when your actions don’t
seem to get you what you wanted.

I’ve lived much of my life dreaming of the future. I’ve
prided myself on my expertise at delayed gratification,
loving the feeling of delicious anticipation.

The unfortunate behavior associated with this has kept
me locked indoors, doing things I didn’t really want to
do so that at some later time I could reap the rewards.

You may know the routine: get your work done before you
can go out and play.

For the part of me who loves puttering outdoors, this
was hell. A huge amount of anger and resentment built
up, that the promise of “someday” and “later” so rarely
reached “now.”

For the part of me that thrived on working hard for
that elusive future, and is now past her 60th year,
waves of depression came with thoughts like “It’s too
late. I’m too old. I don’t have the energy any more to
do all those things I thought I’d do someday. I’ve
missed my chance. Everyone has gone on ahead of me,
leaving me behind.”

I have a feeling I’m not the only one who has ever
believed those thoughts.

Since becoming aware of the law of attraction and the
notion that my thoughts create my reality so many years
ago, I’ve been trying to get good at changing my
thoughts and beliefs. Or changing the focus of my
attention from negative to positive thoughts and
beliefs. Or crowding out the negative thoughts with the
ones I preferred. Trying to get happy–or at least,
trying to distract myself from my unhappiness long
enough for something to change.

These years have not been without an abundance of
moments of beauty and presence. But those have seemed
fleeting compared with the amount of time I’ve spent
dwelling on problems, trying to control things and
other people and trying to change myself.

My mind, it seems, usually finds it more compelling to
replay an unpleasant encounter with my neighbor than to
replay the delightful moment of discovering the
hummingbird nest in the tall grass, my feeling of
tenderness for the gentle, purple flowers, my fondness
for the softly buzzing honeybees, or the
caught-my-breath beauty of the sunset coloring the sky
and all the trees orange.

(Having just written all that, I’m smiling, and joy

Last night I watched a video in which Eckhart Tolle was
talking about experiencing the present moment.

It’s not about getting joy to win.

It’s not about fighting against negativity or

It’s not about trying.

I was, and continue to be amazed at the ease with which
I’ve been able to follow his very simple instruction of
how to be present.

I wish you the peace I’m feeling.

If you’d like to watch the video, it’s part of Hay
House’s fabulous online 20 day transformational summit,
which you can access at no cost right now, here:


I’m so happy to have opened the email that let me know
about it! I hope you will be as pleased as I am to know
about it now. Or, if you’re already participating, I
hope you’ll leave a comment right here in the blog about
your experience.

With love and appreciation on this 12th anniversary of
the beginning of the Science of Being Well Network,

Dr. Alexandra Gayek

P.S. Please note that this week’s videos and piles of
audios are only available for a limited time, so you
might want to check out the summit right away. Be sure
to watch the lovely, inspiring short video on the
registration page. 🙂


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It’s Here! (Last Minute Reminder)

This is just a quick reminder that the 8th annual
Tapping World Summit starts at 8pm Eastern time
TONIGHT, Jan 22!

There are already more than half a million people

If you’re not already registered for this 10 day 100%
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If you were thinking of getting the recordings of the
entire summit, today–ONLY UNTIL 8pm Eastern Time–is
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Here’s a brief rundown of the gold and platinum package
for those who upgrade before the event starts:

You’ll get ALL the pre-event videos (Dr. Wayne Dyer,
Dr. Lissa Rankin, Dr. Christianne Northrup, Dr. Mark
Hyman, Iyanla Vanzant, and three powerful Tapping
Meditations) PLUS 16 MORE videos in the series, for
viewing or download.

Note that the event itself is 100% fr*ee to attend
during the 10 days of presentations, but the upgrade
options are available because so many of us–myself
included–want the 300 page workbook, can’t keep up
with two presentations a day for the whole 10 days,
want the transcripts and recordings, and want to listen
again and again to our favorite presentations.

The Gold access gives you the digital download;
Platinum gives you the printed workbook and 26 CDs
delivered to your doorstep.

This upgrade option, with the special pre-event
bonuses, disappears on the 22nd at 8PM EST when the
event starts…

These videos include over 11 hours of video with
experts Dr. Wayne Dyer, Nick Ortner, Kris Carr, Dr.
Lissa Rankin, Iyanla Vanzant, Louise Hay, Dr. Mark
Hyman, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Bruce Lipton, Cheryl
Richardson, Joe Vitale, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Carol Look,
Patricia Carrington, Carol Tuttle, Dr. Christiane
Northrup, and Dawson Church.

They’re all extremely powerful videos that I’ve found
well worth watching.

And since there’s a 6-month guarantee, there is zero
risk involved in upgrading today.

To learn more about the upgrade option (and to register
for the event if you haven’t yet) just click on the
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Whether you decide to upgrade or not, I hope you’ll
attend the event that starts tonight, February 22.

I’ve found that the energy of the hundreds of thousands
of people all over the world tapping along with the
presentations during the summit really increases the
power of this technique for me, and I can understand
why so many people write about their life-changing

I find it useful to listen to, and tap along with EVERY
session, and often find the most precious jewels in the
ones that appear from the title to have the least
relevance to my life.

May you find the event as personally transformative as
you wish it to be!

With love and appreciation,

Dr. Alexandra Gayek

P.S. – Here is some of the feedback from previous
years’ events, just to give you an idea of what people
think about them…

“What a wonderful ten days! I need to tap on
withdrawals from missing the interviews. Jessica was a
fabulous interviewer, asking just what I wanted to know
at the right time.”

-Suzanne Wright – Oregon,USA

“I hope you guys can somehow hear the thunderous
applause that is surely circling the world for you
right now. This was a DYNAMITE event, and this grand
finale with Jessica today was just fantastic. You guys
are the absolute best, you have given phenomenal gifts
here with each presentation, and may you receive a
thousand blessings in return. EFT has never come alive
for me the way you’ve made it do in these last ten
days. I am very, very grateful, and yes, I will keep
tapping and will tell you what lights come on, what
doors open in the coming months.”

~With much love, Natasha Suter – Ithaca, New York

“This trip has been amazing. I am so thankful that you
gave me the opportunity to be a part of this, and I
will continue to tap – and maybe take an education in
EFT later on. Fantastic. A few weeks ago I tapped on
hip pain, and it disappeared within a couple of
minutes!! Every session have been useful to me, and I
will look more into it (I have written it all down)
when I finish my education in September. Jessica’s 40
day tapping challenge will be done. Her “mystery bonus
audio” was a special experience. It helped me see a
lot of experiences/feelings to tap on.”

~ Merete – Bodo, Norway

“OMG! That summit was amazing! I just wanted to say
thank you, thank you! I knew about EFT from when I was
in LA but I now know so much more and I had ah-ha
moments almost everyday! especially the one series
about Highly Sensitive People – which I found out I am
and have been beating myself up about it forever! Now
I know how to tap for it and realize its a blessing to
be so connected to my feelings and intuition!

“I loved, loved, loved the whole series! you are so
kind to put all of this information out there and for
free- I know this is huge for me and for the world! I
can sense huge changes a-brewing! I kinda miss it
already! Tell Jessica I am doing the 40 day
challenge… this is exciting… who knows where I will
be in 40 days! Thank you again!”

~ Love, Christine en route to New York City, NY USA



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It’s About to Begin!

All year I look forward to the annual Tapping World Summit. This year’s summit is coming right up, and I heartily recommend this free online event. It starts February 22, and goes for 10 full days.

You do have to register to get the links, and if you register now, you’ll have access to some great bonuses.

Plus, if you aren’t available to listen to a couple of hours a day of great content for 10 days in a row–or if you want to keep working with the audios in the months to come as I do, you can get one of the recorded packages, which come with a workbook and loads more bonuses–more if you get it before the event begins.

Here’s where to register and check out what’s available:


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Another Cool Video

Here she sits, this beautiful, eloquent, successful, and above all, authentic woman who talks openly about coming to terms with, and moving beyond, her wretched past. She was on welfare, abused as a child, abandoned, and watched herself cling to one unhealthy relationship after another.

Now she’s a well-known author and has hosted her own TV show in which she helps others “fix” their lives.

The tool that helped her the most was tapping.

Watch and enjoy her here:

Iyanla Vanzant Video

Your thoughts?

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She Missed the Biggest Thing

I’ve been thinking about the video with Dr. Lissa Rankin I recommended last week as the best video I’d ever seen about the impact of the mind on healing. (If you haven’t watched it yet, I still highly recommend it!)


One of the points Dr. Rankin made that really got my attention while watching it was that in any given moment, you’re either in stress or relaxation–and it really matters which state you’re in!

She said that your body interprets as a threat anything that triggers your anger, fear, sadness, worry, resentment, and this stress causes the body’s repair and growth mechanisms to shut down. The only time you’re able to heal is when you’re in the relaxation response, she said.

Pretty clear, I was thinking. All we have to do is ask ourselves what we’re upset about, and we know why we’re sick, or not healing. Then, tap about it to release the stress, and voila!

Actually, this works for me most of the time, which is why I’m such a fan of tapping.

BUT, and it’s a big BUT, she didn’t include something that for me is a given, and is surely why I get great results as often as I do.

What she missed was that thing that’s been keeping you going your whole stressed life, DESPITE all your stressful thoughts, and is the REASON all you have to do to start healing is relax and let go of your stressful beliefs.

That thing is what Mr. Wattles calls the One Living Substance, aka, The Principle of Life, which provides your personal Principle of Health–the life force that creates and sustains your body.

Maybe you call it God.

Sometimes I think of it as a huge, powerful river of peace and happiness that is carrying me along. Me letting go of stressful beliefs is like dipping a cup into the stream and having a drink, opening my eyes, and enjoying the beautiful, amazing ride.

When I’m believing my stressful thoughts, it’s like I’m dying of thirst, imagining nightmarish scenes that play out behind my closed eyes, and missing all the joy of the ride.

My belief that such a wonderful force exists and carries you, me, everyone I know in the way that’s perfect for each of us, helps me relax the belief I sometimes get caught up in, that I need to micro-manage everyone, my body, and everything about myself, my loved ones, and the world in order to be okay.

When I forget about this force, I find myself slipping into states of enormous anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, anger, resentment, shame, and regret. Plus, when I think about tapping, or law of attraction, or “I create my own reality” when I’m in this stressful state, I feel all the more anxious about needing to control my thinking and let go of negativity.

Remembering this Presence makes it MUCH easier to get good results from any method I try to use.

So, that’s my campaign speech to get you to join the winning team, and believe (or remember) that YES, there IS a wondrous force that’s already carrying you along, and there’s nothing you need to do to keep it going, flowing, and carrying you. Your only choice is how much you let yourself enjoy the ride!

What do you think about the video and these thoughts? Your contributions are always welcome!

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Better Medicine

Even though they still want to explain everything in terms of physical mechanisms, these doctors offer VERY helpful perspectives to help us bridge the gap between the insurance-run, old school approach to medicine and medicine that includes the role of the mind.

I watched these videos last year, and they’re just as relevant now. I very much enjoyed watching them again, and expect you will, too.

Dr. Christianne Northrup:

Dr. Mark Hyman:

Your thoughts?

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Best Video I’ve Ever Seen on HOW Your Mind Can Heal You (or make you sick)

Watch this video!

Dr. Rankin Video on Mind Over Medicine

Really, it’s the best video I’ve ever seen describing
in detail that you can understand, what exactly you,
personally, are doing that in any given moment is
contributing to your aging, illness, and failure to
heal from past injury, or to your vibrant wellness.

If you listen carefully, you’ll be able to specifically
identify what you’ve been up to that’s not working, and
exactly what you can do to turn things around.

It’s an interview of Dr. Lissa Rankin, MD, by Nick
Ortner of tapping fame, and does show how tapping fits
in, but it’s about way more than tapping.

It fits so nicely in with The Science of Being Well and
everything I’ve taught over the years here about

Dr. Rankin Video on Mind Over Medicine


With love and appreciation,

Dr. Alexandra Gayek

P.S. If it’s not clear what you can do to turn things
around, let’s talk about it!

P.P.S. If you didn’t follow the links to the video I
sent you last week, you could be missing out on some
additional, very useful and entertaining stuff that
could change your relationships with yourself, your
body, the people who drive you crazy, the people you
mourn, and the life you might wish you had.

Signing up for last week’s video with Wayne Dwyer would
have also led you to a WONDERFUL interview with Iyanla
Vanzant, and three free guided tapping meditations.

You’ll see links when you watch the video of Dr. Rankin.

Dr. Rankin Video on Mind Over Medicine


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Who Can You Forgive?

At the age of 34 he drove to Biloxi, Mississippi to
visit the grave of his father, an alcoholic and an
abusive man who had abandoned him, his mother and two
brothers when he was just an infant.

Although his father had died 10 years earlier, he had
only just found out about his father’s death.

He drove to the grave that day with a level of anger so
great, so deep from years of built up hurt, that he had
two tasks in mind: To find out if it was even
acknowledged on his father’s death certificate that he
was his son, and to literally piss on the grave of the
father that he held all this hatred, anger and
resentment towards for 34 years.

What came out of that visit, however, completely and
forever changed his life. It is one of the most
beautiful stories you’ll ever hear. It shares a
message of forgiveness, and its power to transform,
that I think is truly life-changing and worth your time
to listen to.

Wayne Dyer made his transition in August of last year,
exactly 41 years to the day after visiting his father’s
grave at age 34, but although he is no longer visible
on the physical plane, his message is still changing
the world.

Wayne sat down before his passing for an exclusive
interview with Nick Ortner, conducted for the upcoming
8th annual Tapping World Summit, which starts on
February 22nd, to tell this story and much more:

When I clicked to watch it, I wasn’t feeling angry at
all. I thought I had nothing and no one left to

What about you?

Even though all kinds of things have happened in my
life that for long periods have left me angry, feeling
numb, paralyzed, and powerless, when I started watching
this touching Wayne Dyer video about forgiveness, I was
already feeling really happy.

At the invitation to pick someone to forgive so I could
tap* along, I paused the video and had to really search
for someone about whom I had some unresolved anger.

Not finding anyone, I picked someone with whom I
“should” be angry based on what he did.

Amazingly, as I tapped along, I felt lighter. Sure
enough, there was something to let go.

Then I tapped a few extra rounds on a different
subject–not even a person–that I knew I had some
resentment about. Presto change-o!

This is the thing I find about tapping. Intellectually,
I’m cool. I think I’ve got it all sorted out. I think I
don’t “need” to tap unless I’m really upset, or coming
down with a cold, or have some physical pain.

Sometimes when I most “need” to tap are the very times
I most resist it.

But as soon as I start tapping, whether I “need” to or
not, I’m out of my thinking and into my feelings, where
there is always benefit.

Wayne’s story about letting go of lifelong anger at his
father is powerful. You, too, have the opportunity to
let go of something you might have “good reason” to be
angry about.

You might also find yourself in stitches, laughing
along with him while he tells more stories, about
things he did and things you’ve done.

Enjoy the video!

Then, share your reaction here.


With love and appreciation,
Dr. Alexandra Gayek

*If you’re not familiar with tapping, and have no idea
what I’m talking about, you’ll get the idea when you
watch the video. Here’s that link again:

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Food Freedom

Probably the number one issue among all those my patients
have when they first come to see me is something involving
food: allergies with physical and/or mental symptoms,
reflux, digestion and absorption problems, elimination
problems, weight problems, autoimmune disease secondary to
food reactions.

It seems that in the USA we have a national obsession, not
much different from Wallace Wattles’ over 100 years ago,
about what’s wrong with the way we or other people eat.

All the medical and scientific “shoulds” about food seem
so much at odds with what we feel tempted to eat, that
most of us seem to live with quite a bit of mental

How can we trust any sort of inner spiritual guidance
about food when we can’t feel the difference between a
craving and an inspiration, and can’t set aside all our
modern education about how we should eat?

It occurs to me that most of the stress about food is
based on the rarely questioned assumption that what
matters most to your health lies in the physical realm.

With this assumption, the purpose of being spiritually
guided would be to know what to DO in the physical realm.

Let’s take a moment and view the question of “what should
I eat?” from the perspective that what’s best for your
health is what feels the least stressful.

To me, the very question of “What should I eat?” is often
stressful, because the apparent answer is both unclear and
so often at odds with my desires.

Let’s try this question of what’s less stressful:

the belief that 99% of your health is a result of your
happiness and only 1% the result of your actions,


the belief that 99% of your health is the result of
your actions, and only 1% is the result of your happiness.


Sometimes, it’s easier to eat my vegetables than to feel
happy, and I want to believe that my vegetables are
enough–which then makes me feel better. I can use my love
of vegetables and eating them to feel happy after all–
because I believe I’m doing what’s best for my health.

But then, what if there aren’t any vegetables around? Or,
the ones available aren’t organic, or aren’t the ones I
like? Then that belief about the importance of my actions
makes me unhappy and stressed.

If, on the other hand, I believe that my mood is
exponentially more important than my actions in creating
health, then I have much less need to control my
circumstances. I can use any means to feel better, not
limited to vegetables.

Then, the goal isn’t eating vegetables for health. It’s
feeling happy for health.

This brings us to the questionable goal of being healthy.

If I believe my health is my responsibility and the marker
of my success, I feel stressed. After all, I can’t control
most things about my body, and there’s a 100% chance that
I will sooner or later leave it behind. In the process, my
heart will stop beating, and all my body functions except
disintegration and deterioration will also cease.

In the medical world, the term applied to each organ in
this process is “failure.” “Death” is also usually viewed
as failure by the doctors, hospital, and patient.


If, on the other hand, I believe my health is the side
effect of my happiness, and my happiness is the side
effect of my choice of what thoughts, beliefs, and stories
I pay attention to and practice, then I relax.

It’s okay if I don’t seem healthy right now, because
health is not my job. My job is to tend to my attention.
I can’t “make” myself feel happy when I’m not. But I CAN
turn my attention to the thoughts, beliefs, and stories I
choose, and experience the resulting happiness.

Now, where were we about food?

Not the primary question any more, is it?

But then, most of us do need to eat, so how do we decide?

What I’ve found is that when I wait until I’m feeling
really joyful to think about food, I can feel what sorts
of things support my body’s feeling of peace, contentment,
and satisfaction. Then I can use that knowledge to reduce
the anxiety of decision-making when I don’t feel so joyful
and I forget the real take home point:

Relax! Enjoy your precious life!

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Help With Food

If you do experience problems because of your body’s
reaction to food, and the above is too big of a leap from
where you are, you might want to explore another angle.

I’ve found that one’s childhood experience of food is
central to one’s current experience.

Here are some questions to consider:

Who did most of the cooking when you were small? What was
that person’s attitude toward the job of food preparation
and presentation?

Who controlled the menu, portion sizes, and what you were
required or allowed to eat? What was that person’s
attitude toward you and food?

How welcome were guests at your table? What effect
did guests have on your experience of food?

Did you have a feeling of abundance or scarcity of food?

How did your parents react to throwing away food?

What was the physical and emotional environment at
mealtime at home, school, restaurants, family gatherings?

How much attention in your family was placed on nutrition,
health, and sickness relative to food?

How much did food and eating represent social status,
wealth, religious status, or other aspects of your
family’s reputation?

How much do you experience shame, guilt, confusion, anger,
anxiety, loss of control, or obsession around food or how
your body reacts to it?

If you’d like some help with thoughts and feelings that
come up for you from these or other questions about food
and eating, I can help.

Use the contact form here to talk with me about coaching:

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